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Good Grammar is Still Alive and Well

Good grammar is as important as ever while written communication like texts, tweets, emails, and websites rule the marketing world.

LOW (0%-25%)

Yikes! Looks like you need a crash course in the language. All hope is not lost. It might be a good idea to take an English course or purchase a 
style book.

LOW-MID (26%-50%)

This isn't a terrible score, but you can do better. You may want to brush up on the basics and consider installing a browser extension like Grammarly to help you with your online communications.

MID-HIGH (56%-75%)

Not too bad! I know this isn't your best effort, though. Take a little extra time to re-read any written communication before you press send. When in doubt, Google it!

HIGH (76%-100%)

Awesome job! You are definitely a grammar nerd. The best of us still need refreshers every now and then. I suggest keeping a style book at your desk to reference when you're unsure of a word. Of course, Google is always a great resource. Keep up the great work!