Back to Basics: An Introduction to Interactive Content

Back to Basics - A Reintroduction to Interactive Content

The recent CMI Report has shown us that interactive content is more than a buzzword.

Audrey Ross and Stephanie Mansueto

Businesses large and small are finding success with interactive content that engages, educates, and captures their audiences attention in a more effective way than static content ever could. In this month's webinar, ion's Director of Customer Engagement, Audrey Ross and Content Strategist, Stephanie Mansueto provide a reintroduction to interactive content basics.

In this webinar, Audrey and Stephanie teach you:
  • What interactive content is — from simple to advanced
  • How you can repurpose your existing static content
  • Which types of interactive content work at each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • How to add interactive content to your existing content strategy
  • The stages of a successful interactive content marketing program
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