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The Conversion Content
Marketing Powerhouse

Moderator: Anna Talerico, ion co-founder

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Content marketing and conversion optimization. Two marketing missions, alike in dignity, but divided into two different camps – until now.

Kick off 2013 with this high-energy webinar on how to combine the best ideas of content marketing and conversion optimization into a hybrid powerhouse marketing strategy known as "conversion content marketing."

We'll illustrate five principles of conversion content marketing that will boost your content marketing performance for the year ahead:

  1. Content is king – give your landing pages deep, meaningful content to drive conversions
  2. Conversion is always optional – learn the art of persuasion for different situations
  3. Always be testing – pursue both big ideas and smaller continuous improvements
  4. Form shouldn't be formulaic – stand out with landing paths, web apps, and microsites
  5. Produce copiously – build a portfolio strategy with highly specific customer segments

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