How to Take the Leap from Static to Interactive Content

Step-by-Step Mapping of the Content You Have Today to the Interactive Content of Tomorrow

Static Content to Interactive content

This is the how-to webinar that every content marketer needs.

Audrey Ross and Stephanie Mansueto

Audrey Ross, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement and Stephanie Mansueto, Content Strategist from ion’s Creative Services team, present a how-to webinar that will empower you to take your content to a whole new level of engagement.

We cover best practices and questions to ask yourself when you have a piece of static content—like a white paper, research report or blog post—and want to repurpose it into interactive content—like quizzes, assessments, infographics and calculators.

We answer the following questions:
  • What type of interactive content should you make?
  • What sources of traffic should you drive to it?
  • And how will you get the most mileage and value from your new interactive asset?

We spotlight tips for scanning and reviewing your static content piece, and finding the content nuggets that translate well to interactivity. Then, we get into real-world tactical ways to reduce the effort of mapping your content from static to interactive.

The future of content marketing is data-driven and interactive. Get the recording now for this webinar and learn how to make the leap, improve engagement and get results.

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